Purchase a session and then we will schedule a time.   Days, Evenings, or Weekends.  In person or remote.   I use Pay/pal its so easy. 

60 min Quantum Frequency Healing

$ 83 USD

Join Brit for a one-hour Quantum Frequency Healing Session with Brit. LIVE on Zoom, FaceTime or, telephone. This works on emotional issues or trauma. Addictions or imbalance. Stress Creates Harmony in your relationships, work and home. Heightens intuition and nurtures creativity. Bridges any gaps to your Higher self/GOD/ Divinity.

12O min Quantum Frequency Healing w/Quartz

$ 211 USD

Join Brit for a longer session. If you would like to talk about where you are and need some clarity with a longer session, then you will receive a Quantum Frequency Healing session and a Quartz Crystal programmed to your new frequency. Brit works with the quartz and programs the crystal to your new vibrational pattern. This will help keep you connected to the session and the new pattern. Meditate with the crystal or wear it. Brit will mail it to you if the session is distant.

Package of 3 Quantum Frequency Healing Sessions

$ 222 USD

Join Brit for 3 Quantum Healing Sessions.These can be done LIVE on Zoom, your phone, computer, or in person. Each Session your frequency will be raised, and attuned to a Quartz crystal. Your matching frequency will be attuned to the crystal to continue the benefits. This will keep this "positive vibe" going. Sessions are about 60 minutes.

Numerology Reading $88.00

$ 88.00 USD

Brit will read all of your Numbers and give great insight to many aspects of your life.This will leave you in a very high frequency, and you can listen to this again, and again.You will also receive a healing adjustment to your frequency.


Sessions are available through ZOOM or telephone.  In Person, or remote.  Factime or I send a recording. PayPal me first at brityoga@gmail.com then we will set a time for your session.

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