I love working with people to get them to understand where they are, where they are goingand to open their hearts. 

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Brit takes a genuine interest in all her clients. This healing is meant to improve  all of your relationships, create ease at work and home, and any other tension-filled struggles you may be dealing with.  It will Improve all of your relationships noticeable,  especially the relationship one with ourself.  You will feel a greater sense of LOVE, and connection.  You can expect  a sense of balance afterward and a sense of  security deep from with in.  It brings waves of joy long after the session, it can easily last your whole lifetime.  It  also cultivates intuition to higher gates and gives a feeling of connectedness to the source  of  everything.   Many have third eye openings, many have new colors flooding the higher gates.  Many have a real crown opening in the sessions. 

This is a step by step process, you might not fully understand the steps, but you will get a "frequency boost" This is a higher vibrational level from which to operate your life from.   It Improves all areas and aspects of your life. 

Distant Sessions are the same as in person.  The same benefits.  We talk first, then you lie down. Brit stays not the phone with you during the session.  You place the phone next to your ear.  We do not stay on camera.  After word we talk for a few minutes.

The steps to this process are very easy. Brit will explain them completely. You will feel totally supported, safe and have an involvement in the steps.    Brit meets you where you are vibrationally, and matches it. completely.  Once this happens she raised your vibrational to a new frequency.  I like the example of a light that has a dimmer.  Your vibrational patters gets higher, or faster and then you have a new frequency.   Brit works with a quartz stone and your new projection is held in the quartz.  This gives you a sense of being able to keep it going.  You can connect with the vibration anytime you choose.   The objective is heart filled empowerment.  

No problem or issue can't be taken to a higher vibration.  Emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. 

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